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About Us
Welcome to our website!

We as a group have been around since 1995, though a lot of things have changed since then.  We are still, first and foremost, a modular model railroad club from Green Bay.

Check back soon as we continue to build this site!
Current Members include:
Todd Bushmaker (co-founder and sorta in charge)
Greg Amato (money hoarder)
Jim Kowald (director of strategic alliances, whatever that is)
Bryan Hoell (long-train operator-at-large)
Troy Nelsen (Bruce's driver)
Bruce Mauritz (fan of the Rock, and Troy's passenger)
Dick Foreen (nominally)
Eric Kurowski (kinda sorta)

Past Members include (in no particular order):
Mike Phalen (co-founder dude), Luke Lemmens, Paul Pasowicz, Dan Dyer, George VanDyck, Leroy Schlorf Jr, Mike Wichowski, George Doncheck, Wayne "Porky" DeGrand, Bob Kurowski, Jay Deuster, Charlie Mineau, Andy and Danny Pasowicz, Jimmy "the Z" Zabel, Mike Ostertag, Chris Swan, Mark Fisher, Jeff "Happy Boy" Kline, and probably some others I've already forgotten about!


But please, if you like trains, like to model, like to run, and like to go to shows, join us! 
Contact Todd:  "tbushmaker (at) sbcglobal (dot) net", and have a nice day!
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