NEWER   Industries
NorthEastern Wisconsin Exhibition Railroading
The Loco Club for "Loco" People!
Documents and Forms
Here's where we keep all our "official stuff"!

Our BYLAWS, something typically created by legitimate organizations... but we did it anyway!  BYLAWS.pdf
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Become a MEMBER!  You don't have to live in Green Bay, or even Wisconsin!  If you like trains and want to participate in some fashion, we welcome you!  Of course it doesn't hurt to send money!  :) Membership App.pdf
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HISTORY of the club, in my very verbose prose. REAL History.pdf
The IMAGINED history of the "business" of NEWER Industries. History.pdf
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The club's STANDARDS and RULES.  Gotta have those or you'll have anarchy, right?  Judge for yourself if it worked.  STDRULES.pdf
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Someone's grotesquely humorous take on RULES, since he didn't like the other ones.  NEWER Industries Rules and Regulations.pdf
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An example of a layout configuration, as displayed at Trainfest 2012 in Milwaukee.  TF2012 Layout2.pdf
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